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About MiCaddy

MiCaddy was established back in 2005 by Rex Bentley. Rex saw that although you could buy cheap golf buggies and carts from overseas, there was very little support and in some cases none whatsoever if ever a problem arose with these online purchases.

Initially bringing in small compact (Kompact) electric golf buggies, modifying them to meet Australian standards and providing exceptional after sales service, then graduating to remote-controlled golf buggies before moving up to gopher style ride on golf carts, MiCaddy grew with an outstanding reputation for after sales service and looking after clients.

Seeing that the demand was leaning towards the ride on golf carts, particularly those made specifically for the purpose of golf, Rex along with his son Don and others turned their attention to this particular style of golf carts and now concentrate solely on the MiCaddy Golf Mate golf carts which offers excellent value when compared to the more traditional carts commonly used on golf courses.

The journey to this point for MiCaddy has been one of research and development so that the carts now sold under the MiCaddy banner have been modified and developed specifically for Australian standards and the discerning golfer on our Australian golf courses.

Several options have been designed and developed by MiCaddy which enables the use of the MiCaddy Golf-Mate golf cart to be used as a single seat cart or a double seat cart,

Also with optional extras as a light electric utility vehicle that can service a broad range of non golf applications where quiet pollution free operations are required such as maintenance or mobility units in Lifestyle villages, larger educational complexes, owners of small properties etc.. They come available with options such as bin books to allow the multiple movement of wheelie bins along driveways to the roadway pickup points or in more industrial/commercial applications. Also available are tipping garden carts that can be used around smaller properties or anywhere where quiet movement of essential items can be made without pollution or disturbing people or livestock.

The after sales service provided by MiCaddy is second to none and the research and development continues, always looking for new and useful ideas to extend the use of these electric carts for applications outside of just golf use. 

MiCaddy is willing to look at any particular use that may be required by a client and work at developing a system or equipment options to meet those needs.

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