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The Dominator GT 48v electric golf cart

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Buy the MiCaddy GM1 Golf Mate single seat Golf Cart now via the Paypal form below for only $2,950.00 (ex Perth - Contact Rex via email rex@micaddy.com.aufor any additional options required, freight charges and payment options if delivery is required), or add options as available below. - IMPORTANT: Please ensure your selection is correct before proceeding to the Paypal Secure Payment Gateway

GM1 Golf Cart


For alternative payment options, such as Electronic Fund Tranfer, Cheque or Cash payments, please contact Rex Bentley via email rex@micaddy.com.au or phone: (08) 6262 5293 Mobile: 0418 833 329.

The Dominator

The Dominator GT 48v golf cart

Fitted with lithium batteries with a 4 year warranty

The Dominator

MiCaddy Golf Mate Electric single seat golf cart

The Dominator

MiCaddy Golf Mate Electric single seat golf cart

Introducing the DOMINATOR GT 48v golf cart

For the golfer who appreciates quality combined with performance and down to earth value.

All backed up with personal after sales service by Mr Ball Golf Services, the best independent service to most models ride on carts, from private carts through to golf club hire fleets in the greater Perth area.

If you are considering the purchase of a new 48v golf cart check out the DOMINATOR GT at only $13,500 and compare it with traditional 48v carts fitted with lithium batteries for quality build, performance and value. If you like what you see then maybe arrange for a demonstration. It is quality on wheels, you will not be disappointed.

The Dominator is now part of the hire fleet at Hillview public golf coarse in High Wycombe, W.A. A Lithium battery with a 4 year warranty is fitted to ensure reliable power over a longer period than SLA batteries.

For more information please contact Rex via the contact page of this website


  • Motor: 4KW 48V AC Motor.
  • Controller. Curtis controller 350A.
  • Braking distance. 3 m.
  • All Dominator GT carts are fitted with Lithium power packs.
  • Charger. Enpower 17A inboard charger
  • Charge time: 8-12 hours.
  • Curtis battery indicator.
  • Minimum turning radius: 2.5M.
  • Steering: Helical rack and pinion.
  • Maximum grade ability: 40 degrees.
  • Frame: Aluminium.
  • Overall size: 24.8 x 1.26 x 1.85.
  • Wheel base: 1700mm
  • Ground clearance: 110mm.
  • Net weight 617.5Kg.
  • Tyres: 225 x 30 – 14. # Brake: Rear hydraulic drum brake plus electronic braking
  • USB port.
  • Sand bottle.
  • Double golf bag holder.
  • Weather curtains available.

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