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Q: How can you sell at much lower prices than the golf carts commonly seen on golf courses ?
A: We deal directly with the manufacturer and direct market rather than using retail outlets which enables us to keep our costs down. Another advantage is, that as a small family operation, we have better control on product and sales information as customers deal directly with us rather than through a 3rd party.
Q: Where are they made ?
A: China, like almost everything it seems these days. While this offers a lower base cost we incur further costs as we upgrade and complete the final assembly and quality control in our own work shop prior to dispatch to customers. We have been importing electric buggies/carts since 2005.
Q: What are the dimesions?
A: ​Length: 1.8m. Width: 0.9m. Height: 1.26m without roof: 1.84m with roof. Weight 180kg.
Q: How can we be certain that the quality and performance are guaranteed ?
A: Good buyer beware question. While these carts incorporate certain unique modifications that we have developed we complete the final upgrades and quality control ourselves prior to sale. Every unit undergoes final assembly in our work shop. In the unlikely event of a problem we attend to that promptly.
Q: Why don't you sell through retail outlets ?

To use 3rd parties to retail a product increases the end cost to customers.
Q: Can I test drive one?
A: This can be arranged in the greater Perth area.
Q: What warranty are they covered by ?
A: comprehensive 12 months warranty on the cart and 4 years on the lithium battery pack.
Q: In the case of warranty or after sales service how is this attended to if I am in another state ?
A: We arrange and pay for the services of a local party. The use of golf carts is so common today that locating a party to carry out repairs almost anywhere is generally never a problem.
Q: How long has MiCaddy been importing selling golf buggies and golf carts ?
A: Since 2005.
Q: Could I use a Golf Mate cart to help on my property as well as for golf ?
A: You certainly can. In fact we offer a "Farm Mate" model which has been designed for that application that includes accessories such as a carry tray and a tow bar for towing a trailer or wheelie bins. This model is also ideal for use in many other applications where a quite versatile machine is required such as Lifestyle Villages and larger schools. We would be pleased to supply information on request.   Visit www.myfarmmate.com.au for details
Q: What is the maximum speed of the Golf Mate ?
A: The GM2 is15 kilometers per hour. We can reduce this if the customer requires as programable Curtis controllers are used.
Q: What maintenance is required for the carts ?
A: Very little.
Q: Why is there no brake pedal fitted like most other carts ?
A: The Golf Mate carts use electro magnetic braking. When the accelerator is released the controller automatically applies controlled braking to the motor.
Q: Can 12 volt accessories be used with the cart ?
A: Yes, A 12 volt port can be fitted to enable accessories to be operated from. Other accessories can be fitted on request.
Q: What colors are they available in?
A: The available colours are on this website. 
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