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Golf Mate GM2 36v
Two bag golf cart

MiCaddy Golf Mate GM2L 36v golf cart fitted with a lithium battery pack and weather curtains

Click the image to visit the GM2 web page for more information or click here to go to the GM2 on Gumtree

  • Great Value when compared to the traditional brand name golf carts
  • Powerful 1500w motor.
  • Now with mag' wheels.
  • So easy to drive. Only 1 pedal for power and braking.
  • A choice of colours.
  • Single or double seat option.
  • Weather curtains are available.
  • Fitted with a  lithium power pack with a 4 year warranty.

After sales service by Mr Ball Golf Services. You could not be in better hands.    

    Golf Mate GM1 24v
    Single bag golf cart

MiCaddy GM1.2 Golf Mate fitted with a unique Canopy

MiCaddy Golf Mate GM1L 24v single bag golf cart fitted with a lithium battery pack.

For more details on the MiCaddy single bag electric golf cart (with a double seat for comfort) click on the image to go to the GM1 page.

Fitted with a  lithium power pack with a 4 year warranty.

After sales service by Mr Ball Golf Services. You could not be in better hands.

    The Dominator GT 48v
    electric golf cart

MiCaddy GM2.2 Golf Mate fitted with a unique Canopy

The DOMINATOR GT 48v golf cart for the golfer who appreciates quality combined with performance and great value.

For more details on the Dominator full size electric golf cart click on the image above to go to the Dominator web page,

Or contact Rex at MiCaddy via the contact details on our Contacts page.

Or click Click here to go to The Dominator Gumtree

Fitted with a  lithium power pack with a 4 year warranty.

After sales service by Mr Ball Golf Services. You could not be in better hands.    

Me and my Dad, with the Farm-Mate Electric utility cart Click the image above to view details of
the MiCaddy Farm-Mate as shown on Gumtree ...

Click in this image to view a youtube video of the Micaddy Golf-Mate electric golf cart

Why choose a Golf Mate golf cart?  

All carts are fitted with lithium battery packs which have a 4 year warranty To understand the major benefits current lithium technology provides.

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Enjoy the comfort and independence of owning your own golf cart that can be easily transported in most common 6 x 4 trailers. Saves hiring golf carts when playing different courses. It also fits within the smaller cart bays in most cart sheds at golf clubs. At around half the price of traditional golf carts the Golf Mate is imported and sold directly to the golfer by Micaddy rather than by a reseller so you deal directly with Micaddy at all times. AND, all after sales service is carried out by Mr Ball Golf services. it doesn't get much better than that.

Established in 2005. - Check out our About page

Why not give me (Rex..) a call now on 0418833329 for an answer to any questions that you may have about the Golf-Mate or Farm Mate carts (www.farmmate.com.au) to save time and effort? I will answer your questions promptly and honestly and look forward to your contact.  If placed before we lock in our order with our supplier a forward order enables you to choose the colour and any extras, if required, to suit your personal needs.. No hard sell just honest information.  Maybe consider an obligation free demo' of the cart of your interest.

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MiCaddy GM2.2 Golf Mate fitted with a unique Canopy

Why Buy MiCaddy

It's quite simple really, just Click the Read More button to see why it makes sense to buy from the local Family owned MiCaddy Golf Carts

Why Choose MiCaddy...

  • MiCaddy is a family owned company established in 2005. You deal directly with MiCaddy at all times.
  • Based in the greater Perth area providing exceptional personal after sales service and full Australian warranty to all customers. Every cart is checked in our workshop before sale. No short cuts. Our established reputation depends on this
  • Very easy to operate as speed and braking are controlled by only 1 pedal, so is very user friendly for any age.
  • The Golf-Mate GM2 has proven to be the most popular mid-sized 2 seat cart in WA. 19 private owners in one of Perth’s top clubs attest to that.
  • Possibly the only 2 seat cart that will fit in to the smaller bays in cart sheds. "The compact size while still comfortable with two people and two golf bags allows easy access to a normal buggy space in golf clubs sheds." If you currently have a bay for your small ride on unit or buggy you can upgrade to a 2 seat Golf-Mate without having to wait for a larger, more expensive, bay to become available.
  • A quick fitting accessory can be fitted to restrict to a single bag holder if required while still enjoying the comfort of a 2 seat cart. Lets you concentrate on your own game.
The MiCaddy GM2 golf cart is fully featured

MiCaddy Golf Cart Features

MiCaddy Golf Carts are jam packed with useful features.. Click the Read More button for a glimpse of some of them.

Just Look At These Features

  • Available in a choice of colours.
  • Quality Bosch AGM deep cycle batteries fitted from a major local battery supplier and a matched top quality battery charger supplied (Important for maximum battery life) with local warranty. No cheap alternatives.
  • Curtis controllers fitted. As fitted and proven in the majority of the top brand golf carts.
  • Hour meter and diagnostic light as standard fitting as are head and indicator lights, horn and reversing beeper.
  • Quality oil filled transaxles.
  • Adjustable suspension for a smoother ride.
  • Drop down split screen.
  • Dimensions. Length: 1.8m, Width: 0.9m, Height: A) without roof 1.26m, with roof 1.84m.
  • Very manoeuvrable
  • Modern roofline.
  • Several options are available such as a tow bar if you want to tow a Polytrailer around your property or wheelie bins up your drive. Perhaps a rear seat for 2 passengers if you live in a Lifestyle village.
  • Tailored curtains are available as supplied and fitted by a local company.
The MiCaddy GM2 has a quick and easy forward / reverse lever

What MiCaddy Owners say

Don't just take our word for it, click the Read More button to see what others have said about their MiCaddy Golf Carts.

The following are genuine quotes from Golf Mate owners.
  • "I am very happy with my golf cart. I am really enjoying my golf knowing I have a reliable golf cart. And furthermore should I have problem I know it will be looked after quickly."
  • "The compact size while still comfortable with two people and two golf bags allows easy access to a normal buggy space in golf clubs sheds."
  • "The cart is light and easy to drive and reaches good speeds. A great zippy little buggy!"
  • "The customer service and after purchase service provided by you is second to none and because you are here in WA it is easy to contact you. This definitely provides comfort to the owner."
  • "I am of the view that the Golf Mate carts are terrific regarding user practicalities ie performance, functionality, reliability"
  • "I am more than happy with the ride, performance and look of my cart and will continue to recommend your cart to those looking for a ride on cart."
  •  "The Golf mate cart in comparison to others I have used is that it is more robust, better build quality, it has a more powerful motor, and aesthetically is more pleasing to the eye. 

For more detailed information, CLICK HERE go to our MiCaddy Golf-Mate GM2 Cart Features Page page, or Ring Rex Bentley direct on his mobile phone 0418 833 329, alternatively use any one of the contact methods on our Contacts Page.

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