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Single seat golf cart with optional canopy

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MiCaddy GM1 Golf Mate Single Seat Electric Golf Cart

MiCaddy Golf Mate Electric single seat golf cart

The MiCaddy GM1 Golf-Mate has been designed specifically as a golf cart and is used widely on courses in Europe and the UK. ‚Äč While it is not a dissabiliy type unit converted for golf it is possible in some areas to use it as a general mobility unit.  Your local shire council may be able to advise on that matter.

The MiCaddy version of this ride-on golf cart has been improved even further with design modifications ONLY available from MiCaddy in Australia. These units are assembled here in our workshop where upgrades such as the installation of quality electric wiring and  other  Australian components to ensure reliable performance at all times.

For more information about this unit and to see how it performs, please play the You Tube video via the link below this text and then read about the many features below by clicking on the 'Read more' links under the images displayed (Click a second time to hide the 'Read more' text), some of these features are protected by Registered Australian Design. This means they are unique to MiCaddy and not available on any other similar golf buggy in Australia.


MiCaddy Gilf Mate is fitted with a unique Canopy

Hard Top Canopy

A hard top canopy is available as an optional extra. This has the ability to fit additional weather proof screens on either side The weather proof screens can be fitted to this canopy at any time and removed when not required. They include a clear screen on the right side and a swinging door/screen on the left side for easy access.

The MiCaddy Golf Mat is also availabe without the canopy and can be fitted with an umbrella

Umbella fittings

The MiCaddy Golf-Mate shown without the canopy and with an quality Australian designed Xtrahand umbrella holder fitted.

Comfortable adjustable seating

Comfortable Seating

The MiCaddy Golf-Mate is fitted with a single comfortable seat that can be adjusted to suit the riders needs. Another touch of quality

Front mounted basket for an Esky or other items

Front Mounted Basket

The front mounted basket is large enough to accommodate a 4.7 litre (6 pack) Esky or similar to keep snacks, refreshments or other important items in.

A convenient and clean Sand Dispenser fitted on this golf cart

Sand Dispenser

Forget messy sand buckets. The sand dispenser is ideal for this purpose.

The MiCaddy Golf Mate cart is fitted wioth 'powere level' lights and driving lights for late finishes

Power Level Lights

Three lights on the steering wheel show the state of the current battery charge and The red "button" is the switch for the headlight.

Speed control with an Accelerator, and adjustable steering wheel position

Foot Speed Control

Power is applied with the accelerator as in a car. The brake is automatically applied smoothly when the accelerator is released. Controlling speed while going down slopes is easy.

The knob on the steering column allows the position of the steering wheel to be set to suit the driver.
The powerful 24 volt electric motor and drive train

Drive Train

The 24 volt motor combined with the 2 x 75 Ah batteries will handle any course.

Transmission Drive release leaver to allow the MiCaddy Golf Mate cart to be moved manually if required

Drive Release Lever

The lever shown will disengage the transmission to allow the Golf-Mate to be moved manually if required.

A quick release pin is provided to seperat the front of the MiCaddy Golf Mate cart from the rear section

Quick Release Pin

This quick release pin locks the front and rear section of the Golf-Mate together while allowing the 2 sections to swivel. That enables all wheels to remain in contact with the ground at all times for better stability on uneven surfaces. When release, the front of the cart can be seperated from the rear section if required.

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