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MiCaddy is a family company established in 2005 and based in the greater Perth area.

MiCaddy provides Electric Golf Carts and Multi purpose Electric Utility Carts, under the brand-name 'MiCaddy', that have been modified and rigorously tested over that period of time to suit Australian conditions. 

​The MiCaddy GM2 GOLF-MATE is a genuine golf cart that offers the comfort and convenience​ of a 2 seat cart that will fit within the space allowed for golf buggies and small ride on carts in most club cart sheds.  It will also fit into a normal 6 x 4 car trailer. 

A quick release bag holder canbe provided as an option which will then only allow 1 bag to be fitted if preferred.. This gives the user the comfort of a 2 seat cart with the ability to only fit 1 golf bag which avoids sharing the cart with others ad to concentrate soley on their own game..

MiCaddy provides full warranty and after sales service to all customers so you deal directly with MiCaddy at all times.

After viewing the product information in this website we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about MiCaddy Electric Golf Carts or Electric Multi Use Carts to enable us to provide further information regarding our EV (Electric Vehicle) products you may require.
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For details of the Farm-Mate Electric Utility Cart, click here

'MiCaddy' GM1 Golf-Mate Golf Carts

MiCaddy Golf Carts


If you are finding that walking the course is becoming more difficult, or you just want to ride in comfort and conserve energy, this single seat cart could be the answer you are seeking.
At quite a bit less than half the cost of the Traditional two seat electric golf cart, you can concentrate on your game without worrying about driving your ride on partner to his ball between shots.  You have the freedom of the fairway..  Without those aching muscles at the end of the day   ​

​The 'MiCaddy' GM1 golf cart is unique to MiCaddy and is the only cart of this type to be fitted with the canopy as shown.  (accessory @ $220) 

For more details on the Full Featured MiCaddy GM1 Single Seat Electric Golf Cart, go the the Ride-on Carts page or Click Here for a printable A4 flier

Click Here to view the GM1 Golf Cart Details

 For more information about the GM1 Golf Mate Golf Cart, Click Here to use the contact page to email or speak with Rex about this proven unit.

Great value at $2950 including the canopy for orders placed before 01/06/2016. 

All you want to know is just a phone call or email away.
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MiCaddy GM2 Golf Mate Golf Carts

MiCaddy Farm Mate electric carts


The Golf-Mate is an affordable answer to golfers who want a reliable ride on golf cart, rather than a smaller mobility style unit, that is easy to transport in a common 6 x 4 trailer (no expensive special built trailer needed) and takes less space to store at the club or at home when not in use.

"One of the best selling points for us was the ease of transporting the Golf-Mate in a standard 6 x4 trailer. It's portability is a great feature"  A customer quote.

Click Here to view the GM2 Golf Cart Details​

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