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MiCaddy Electric Golf Buggies and Golf Carts

Why Consider MiCaddy..???

 "Great after sales (out of warranty) service"  J.C. Camberwell. Victoria. (name supplied)









   No pressure applied to close any deal..  Just genuine advice and options.
   MiCaddy staff have many years of experience on the golf course and know
   how confusing some choices may be to golfers considering new equipment.
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MiCaddy is committed to friendly service, along with the supply of the best quality units available at a realistic price and great after sales warranty, service and support.

Our MiCaddy Golf Buggies and Carts are unique to the Australian market, with registered design components that have been designed and tested in Australia for Australian conditions by MyCaddy. 

Not your average buggy or cart, with these unique design improvements that are not available from any other supplier in the Australian Market, MiCaddy products stand out from other similar priced products.

Each new unit sold is backed with a 12 month warranty on the unit and a 6 month warranty on the battery supplied.

You can be the proud owner of a MiCaddy Electric Golf Buggy or Cart in just a few days, as at this time they are delivered at no extra cost for  transport to most locations Australia Wide.  



  Total commitment to After Sales Service and Support and any warranty work.
  MiCaddy understands the importance of the need to be able to access any
  support and assistance in the rare event there are difficulties encountered.
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   Prices are very competitive with cheap unsupported quick on-line sales units without support.
   MiCaddy units contain features that are similar to many of those on far more expensive units,
   Yet the price is comparable to the cheaper, less featured buggies and carts.
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  Every unit sold is thoroughly checked before timely dispatch to the customer.
  Although every effort has been made to ensure the supplier provides quality
  units, each one is assembled and checked before dispatch to the customer.


   MiCaddy was Established in 2004 - So you can feel confident you are dealing with a reputable company that will still be around if you need after sales warranty, service and support



MiCaddy is the sole importer and distributor of the MiCaddy range of golf buggies, carts and accessories.

In 2004, Rex Bentley, a golfer all his life, was regretting his decision to buy a golf buggy that was made overseas. He decided there was a lot to be desired with this first imported electric cart, so he set out to do something about it.

Now, some years later and a number of trips to China to oversee the development of improvements designed by Rex, MiCaddy is proud to be the supplier of a range of quality golf caddies and carts in Australia at affordable prices, with guaranteed after sales service.

The first buggy to be developed to the MiCaddy standard was the simple and reliable Kompact Electric Golf Buggy. This buggy is light, easy to stow in vehicles, simple to assemble and disassemble and tackles the courses with ease. This represents great value for the golfer who enjoys the walk but just needs a little assistance with his clubs. For more information or to buy an economical MiCaddy Kompact Electric Golf Buggy online, click here.

The next was the process through to the current Executive 24v Remote Controlled electric golf buggy. There has been considerable research and development on the original design of this buggy that has resulted in many improvements, not the least is the lockable caster wheel (Registered Design 12247/2012) and the Esky holder. It is only available in Australia from MiCaddy.

This buggy has a Commodore price with a Mercedes quality and value. Now if you like to be in control of your buggy whilst not walking right beside it, this is the buggy for you. Click here to see more about the Executive 24 Remote controlled Electric Golf Buggy online.

The latest in the stable is the "Golf-Mate" ride-on cart, a single-seater that will carry you and your clubs around any course with ease and save your aching bones. It is priced considerably less than half the price of a traditional 2-seater cart. You can buy enough golf balls to last you a life time with the savings. If you live in the Greater Perth area, ask Rex for a demonstration, and maybe a special deal if you play on a course that Golf-Mate is not seen on yet. For more information about the MiCaddy Golf-Mate single seat electric ride-on, or to buy a golf cart online, click here.

As well as offering golf caddies, buggies and carts across Australia, MiCaddy has, at times, some traded units or golfing accessories available. Why not check out what is available today by clicking on the: Special Deals menu link above. Or contact Rex at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the contact page and ask. If he does not have it, he may be able to direct you to a supplier.

MiCaddy....  Affordable, reliable and great value

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